15 January 2011

Hooked in Labrador

Back in the days before digital cameras, Canada House in London had an exhibition of, or containing, hooked rugs from Newfoundland - they were gorgeous. And here's a book with photos and information! I haven't had time to read it yet and will bring it along to the February meeting.
The book contains old photos of the landscape and activities that the designs are based on.
"Fish Flake" is quite well known - the designer is Rhoda Dawson, who went out to Labrador in the 1930s to work with the Grenfell Mission, which provided medical care. The rugs were fundraisers, and society ladies "down south" in the USA saved up their old silk stockings to donate as material for the rugs - Grenfell had married an American socialite, who got very involved in the enterprise.

The mats are still hooked today, in wool, to the traditional patterns - they are hooked in horizontal lines and use every hole in the "brin" (burlap/hessian).


  1. I've just been reading about The Grenfell Mission...fascinating reading. Thanks for posting details of this book Margaret - it really does look very interesting. Jill

  2. I've now bought this wonderful book...just couldn't resist it. Jill

  3. I have this book and love it...I spent a week in rug school in Nova Scotia doing Grenfell style mats...hooking with hose in straight rows has a fascination of its own.....Cilla