12 April 2011

"Road" rug

Although the original area isn't finished - and I'm still looking for cream wool to cut up and use - I've bitten the bullet and added more "roads" on two sides, so that it ends up a respectable size. Hopefully there'll be a bit of progress before the next meeting!


  1. Margaret - your rug is looking great! Thanks for sharing it with us all. I shall see if I can find some soft cream coloured fabric for you.

  2. I just realised we have a Banner at the top of our Blog!!

    Thank you Margaret!


  3. This is going really well! Without the street/map signs you mentioned initially, this has a much more organic quality, as if the roads are growing shoots, amoeba like! In the absence of cream wool, what if you gradually darkened the outer regions - like tube map zones?

    The banner looks really good there!

  4. I love the simplicity of the color scheme - striking! And I totally agree w/ Ruth - very organic.

  5. Interesting and lovely.
    Great work!