10 July 2011

This little bag is titled "Cockscomb". It was made using various rug hooking techniques by my friend Clare Hutchinson. Clare joined in with our Chicken Project which was started by Deb Burcin from Woolwrights Rug Making Group in USA.
We have other 'Chicken Project rugs/mats/coasters to show which will be posted very soon.


  1. Jill, was it based on an actual chicken?

  2. Yes it was...a chicken Clare saw in Skipton Woods...

  3. Oooops....The chicken on which Clare based her bag was a Dominique Chicken! Not the one we saw in Skipton Woods...although it was similar.

    Maybe Clare will post her thoughts on this soon...Jill

  4. Clare has been doing her best to post her thoughts on your blog. Here goes again!

    I first spotted the Dominique Chickens on line and thought they were wonderful. Unfortunately I cannot present a photo as they are probably covered by copyright. Just google them - there are many pics. I like using black and white and red - and was intrigued by the way the chicken's feathers lay - I tried to interpret this. I do not enjoy working in a representational manner, so I am usually working in the abstract.

  5. For 'anonymous' in the last post, please read Clare Hutchinson. At least I was able to post my comment!

  6. Well I know you're not anonymous Clare! Thanks for posting on our blog. Jill

  7. Hi Clare

    Will the blog let me leave a comment this time?!

    I love the bag - it's a great idea and looks fabulous!

  8. Thanks for your kind comments Ruth - I had fun making it.

    I have trouble with the blog too - but once a comment has been posted, I find I can add one.