3 August 2011

First Punch Needle Project!

Designed and needle punched by Ruth Robinson

Having bought a set of punch needles from US some years ago, and failing miserably at the time in my attempts to use them, I recently decided to give it another go. 'Flower' is the result, using a Cameo Ultra Punch (with its largest needle) on 100% wool fabric, which is very dense, bought from Mary Drayton. It's much heavier than the recommended Weaver's cloth, which seems impossible to buy over here. I used 6 strand embroidery threads and tapestry wools. It's much quicker than hooking, but if you want to incorporate fabric strips, they need to be cut much thinner and used with a larger punch needle. I've now got some Weaver's cloth from US so will experiment further!


  1. Hi Ruth - Your first Punch Needle Project is superb. You have a real style...very much in keeping with your hooked mats. Love the colours too...


  2. Well done on mastering the Punch Needle Ruth - I gave up trying some years ago. You make it look so easy - and I love the design and colours - how big is it?

    from Clare

  3. Hi Clare
    I really liked your chicken bag! Unfortunately the blog was playing up and wouldn't let me leave a comment!

    Punch needle piece is 13.5 x 20cm. What needle size did you try with? Maybe it wasn't right for the fabric you were using? Punch Needle Marketplace in USA have a good website with all sorts of different punch needles and Weaver's cloth and are really helpful if you email questions. Ruth

  4. Thanks for the info Ruth - I truly now cannot remember what make of hook or size of needle - but when I did it I was doing C&G and was not really interested in rugmaking per se. It is mostly all I do nowadays.


  5. What a lovely piece! I love your design. I found the punch needle a bit tricky to use too! I bought a simple and an 'egg beater' style from http://ragartstudios.com/tools.php Doesn't look like they have any in stock at the moment. I used some wool on hessian and added a layer of latex on the reverse when I added some lines to a mainly hand hooked cushion.

  6. Hi FireHorse, it sounds like you're using a speed needle? A bit like a mechanised version of the punch needle!