1 August 2012

Ben Hall's rugs

A leaflet from a 1999 Crafts Council exhibition turned up recently - it mentioned a fingerprint rug by Ben Hall. Three cheers for the computer age - here it is on his website -
I also enjoyed the "carpet beater" rugs, of which this is an example -
Made of recycled denim.

On his website he says "As a maker/designer I have always been attracted to salvage and re-using materials that may have outlived their original purpose in producing something new. " He enjoys the limitations and constraints of the medium. Do look at his website to see other hooked and proddy work.


  1. I always enjoy Ben Hall's work and the fingerprint rugs are amazing.


  2. Thanks for the link to Ben Hall's website, Margaret - I especially liked the coloured rugs - very inspiring. I could do with inspiration at the moment!


  3. Working with denim is tough at all stages. I admire his perserverance. I've got a whole pile of cast-off jeans from around the family now but I doubt I will ever have the physical strength to turn the pile into a rug!
    I've got a bit further with my wavy rug now http://sarahsragrugs.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/update-on-my-mother-rug.html

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  5. I have admired Ben Hall's rag rugs in several of my books for years. Thank you for the link to his website.

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  7. Hi - I'm trying to contact Ben Hall regarding his rag rugs and can't find him on the web or access his website shown on this site in an earlier post. Can you help with a web or email address. I took a workshop from him in Wales 11 years ago. Jo (Australia)

    1. Yes, the link to his website no longer works - but when I searched for - "ben hall" rugs - it led to http://www.benhalldesign.co.uk/page11.html
      with contact details. Hope that works for you!