20 February 2011

Twenty years ago

At the February meeting, this magazine was floating around - the Jan/Feb 1991 issue, with a nice article on the rag rug revival -
Names mentioned in the article (with linkss, if available):
Kathleen Knight and Iris Sutton made rag rugs in their childhood
Moyna Lynch
Lu Mason
Ann Davies (British Rag Rug Association)
Hermitage Rugs of Roxburghshire (Emma Tennant)
Julia Burrowes ("textural paintings")
Gerry Coup
Winifred Nicholson (the 1960s Cumbrian revival)
Audrey and Dennis Barker (1970s)

"The history of rag rugs is almost entirely oral."


  1. Thanks for this info Margaret...looks so interesting.

  2. And I got here! I'll be back. Wonderful work to explore and enjoy.