28 February 2011

In action

The next meeting is almost upon us and I haven't posted my photos from the previous meeting! Here's the big table at the start of the session, everyone working tidily -
A couple of hours later, it came to this -

22 February 2011

Rag rugs get trendy

"Auriculas" by Emma Tennant is one of the rugs featured in Country Living magazine in 2009. There are seven more here.

20 February 2011

Twenty years ago

At the February meeting, this magazine was floating around - the Jan/Feb 1991 issue, with a nice article on the rag rug revival -
Names mentioned in the article (with linkss, if available):
Kathleen Knight and Iris Sutton made rag rugs in their childhood
Moyna Lynch
Lu Mason
Ann Davies (British Rag Rug Association)
Hermitage Rugs of Roxburghshire (Emma Tennant)
Julia Burrowes ("textural paintings")
Gerry Coup
Winifred Nicholson (the 1960s Cumbrian revival)
Audrey and Dennis Barker (1970s)

"The history of rag rugs is almost entirely oral."

18 February 2011

Hooking cookies

Moose River Hooker Cookies (Oatcakes)

3 cups flour
3 cups oatmeal
1 cup sugar
1 lb 20/80 spread or butter
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup water
Mix above ingredients well. Divide in half. Sprinkle 12 x 15 cookie sheet with bran flakes. Roll 1/2 of dough flat with rolling pin. Sprinkle top with bran. (Same for other half.) Bake at 350 for 20 min.

From the website of the Moose River Rug Hooking Studio, in Clementsport, Nova Scotia, Canada. Too much sugar in them to be the oatcakes we know in the UK!

17 February 2011


While looking at a friend's blog I clicked "next blog" and found this - it's on http://fromsherrysheart.blogspot.com, along with her other hooking projects.

16 February 2011

Hi all
This shows a small section of a rug I'm making using Sari Silk ribbon.
I'll post another photo when it is finished...could be a while!
See you in a couple of weeks time...Jill

6 February 2011

Hooked and clipped panel for bag

Designed and hooked by Jill Izzard
Here is the panel I was working on at yesterday's meeting.
Today I finished the hooking, clipped the loops to obtain a soft textured surface and neatened the reverse side. I then stitched the panel to a black hessian bag.
Here it is!

5 February 2011

Another lively Hooked-in-London meeting held here today.
The Creative Hearts event on the ground floor was a bonus.
See you all on 5 March....Jill

1 February 2011

Hooked - on Books

This Saturday, 5 February, is our next meeting (see sidebar for details) - and it's also a day of action around the country to highlight the plight of public libraries. Over 400 are set to be shut - and once a library is shut, it's gone ...

So, think about what you can do to support those buildings that let you read books freely, and would have all the new books if only they could afford it -- including books about craft of course - as well as being an important community resource.

For information about Save Our Libraries day - and to share your own story - go to the Voices for the Library website.

(I hope you'll excuse me beating this drum here, but I'm a former librarian and apart from this professional interest, in my poor-student and single-parent days, being able to use libraries meant a LOT to me!)

The "hooked" library in the photo is in Madison, New Hampshire.