26 June 2013

Red sky ...

From the Rag Rug Gallery at dizziebhooked - go have a look at Chrissie Freeth's other rugs!

22 June 2013

Hooked in London: The wave

Hooked in London: The wave: By Giselle McHarg - found on Maryjane's Rugs blog.

Thanks for sharing this amazing rug Margaret....every success with your Open Studio this weekend ....Jill

3 June 2013

What we're working on

Lucille's rug - almost done!

Gladys's cushion cover - yes, that's definitely a butterfly amid the flowers

Ruth keeps changing her mind on the colours

Janet K's motif comes from the 1854 Grammar of Ornament

Joan's latest chair cushion

Sarah's new project

Jill's small pieces - with her pile of kantha projects in the background

Janet B's "scream"

Margaret's chair pad
Sandra, apologies for omitting to photograph your project!
It was great to see everyone at Hooked-in-London on Saturday - so many different projects being 'hooked' or 'progged' and one finished article = Sarah's Speed Shuttle Rug...

Thank you for bringing it along to the meeting so we could all see it - beautifully made and finished. Enjoy your rug Sarah.