30 January 2012

More chickens

This late-19th century rug came up for auction in 2006, but the site doesn't tell us what price it fetched. I love the diagrammatic treatment of the chicken - sort of like one of those "cuts of meat" diagrams you see at the butchers - and the large-scale oak leaves. Not to mention that pink isn't usually a colour you associate with poultry! The white line under the chicken's beak makes all the difference, don't you think?
Something more modern (from this blog) -- could it be some of Henny Penny's friends?
A patriotic chicken rug up for auction.
And finally, for now, the 1865 rug was made by Diane and seen on this blog.

27 January 2012

Ain't nobody here but us chickens

Here's my contribution to the chicken challenge, four coasters -
Designed and hooked by Margaret Cooter

And you can hear the song (by Louis Jordan) via youtube - click here - enjoy!

11 January 2012

Hi Everyone

Here is my Bird Panel which will shortly be turned into a chair pad.

Made in tubular cotton yarn, hooked with a small basic rug hook, it measures 45 x 39 cms
(17.50 " x 15.50").

Happy Hooking - Jill