25 May 2012

Beneath The Waves

Yesterday I showed some Year Five pupils how to make flowers using the prodding technique...they made a good attempt at producing some very colourful and unique coral reef plants for their artwork titled Beneath The Waves...

...other examples by Year Five can be seen in a new gallery within my website www.jilltextileart.com


11 May 2012

Living Crafts

Hatfield House and its beautiful Wisteria.....
I visited Living Crafts at Hatfield House today.
 This is a wonderful piece of Textile Jewellery I saw whilst at Living Crafts. Made from felt and leather. It can be manipulated into various shapes and worn as a brooch or a bracelet!

These handmade stitched chocolates were made by the Junior Embroidery and Textile Students at Hertfordshire branch of The Embroiderers Guild in St Albans. They were on show today at Living Crafts amongst many other exhibits.