1 August 2016

July meeting

The weather wasn't totally sunny, but the sprinkle of rain soon passed. We sat in the garden with our projects and the time passed very pleasantly. Margaret took some photos of people hard at work -
Jeroo and Ruth

Lucille, Sandra, Joan

 Jeroo's project is coming along well - she uses yarn -
Margaret's "Jawlensky head" needs only a bit more yellow at one side -

18 May 2016

The hooked look

Seen in Heals. Up close, the loops look like proper hooking, and the design is quite jazzy, don't you think ... something that could start with one zigzag line and "just grow".

Price tag of the mass-produced item is £200.

19 February 2016


Further to our "faces" day in January 2015 - Ruth encountered an artist who combines textile and portraits. She says "Harriet Riddell does machine embroidered portraits from life, with no preliminary drawings – just diving right in!  Her website is http://www.harrietriddell.com/

"She had been round India with her machine (and has a book out) – wonderful vibrant portraits! "

Also, when Margaret was doing a portraiture course last year, she gathered some images of portraits done in textile - you can see the collection at http://margaret-cooter.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/faces-in-stitch.html, with a further selection at http://margaret-cooter.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/more-stitched-faces.html . This is Emmy, by Laura Pierce -