29 April 2013

Ebor Ruggers exhibition at York Cemetery Chapel

This was a wonderful exhibition - there was so much variety, from hooked and prodded rugs, to wall-hangings, cushions, bags, pet baskets and jewellery!  The chapel is a great space for exhibitions with large windows giving lots of natural light, especially when the sun is shining.  The day I went was the first really sunny day after all that cold grey weather, the daffodils were just coming into bloom round the castle walls and it was actually warm!

Main photo by Angela Gray showing the chapel and the variety of exhibits

25 April 2013

Cartoonist turns hooker

Roz Chast, who supplies cartoons to the New Yorker magazine, also hooks rugs. There's an article about her work in Hand/Eye magazine (read it, and see further photos, here).

The aspects of hooking that interest her most are colour, texture, limitation ... and leisure.

Ruth's Visit

 Thanks for sharing your lovely photos Ruth following your visit to The Ebor Ruggers Exhibition in York....would love to see more pix on this blog...please....
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