8 January 2013

Rag rugging in The Gambia

More photos of Gambian rugs and ruggers are at makings.co.uk, which is another source of rag rugging tools.

I found the site while looking for information on the "Browns tool" but that should be a separate post!

The Brown's tool

The "Brown's tool" is also known as the Brown's rag rugger tool, or simply as the rag rugger tool (not to be confused with a hook or proddy...). In Yorkshire it's called a bodger.
Complete information on how to use the "Brown's tool" is on the Makings Handicrafts website - as well as basic technique, you learn a secret and get tips!

This family history web page has a photo of rag rug tools used in the 1940s/50s, one of which has the name Brown's and a patent number RD673864 and "made in England". That probably explains why the tool is known as the Brown's tool - Mr (or Ms) Brown invented and patented it.
The vintage tool has a different configuration of spring and lever; this one sold recently on ebay.

5 January 2013

Annie Sherburne

Thank you for sharing your design ideas with us today Annie.  We all enjoyed seeing you and your wonderful work.
We now have plenty of ideas on which to ponder....


1 January 2013

Designed and hooked by Jill Izzard