27 March 2011

My friend, Clare, has just finished this hooked rug using 100% wool.

The rug was made for the owners of 'Phoenix' a beautiful narrow boat.

I wanted to share this rug with you all - Jill

24 March 2011


This is a rug my friend Karin Martin is working on in Germany. Her inspiration was a photo of our cat, but she's given it a sort of classical Italian painting look with wonderful decorative borders!

20 March 2011

Progress made so far....

Hi everyone - I expect you are all too busy 'hooking' to add any photos or messages to our Blog?

If this is the case then you can check out the progress I've made since our last meeting on my 'lettering project'. I am not finding it easy to create letters but fortunately I wanted a 'hooked effect' so its a great excuse to have lopsided lettering!

Today I spent the morning dyeing yet more stretchy fabric for this rug. Vests really are the best thing to hook through hessian. I did gain permission before I searched through His Lordship's Wardrobe!

Happy Hooking - Jill

2 March 2011

Sari Silk Shaggy

Designed and hooked by Jill Izzard
Hi - Here is my Sari Silk Shaggy rug...almost completed. I just need to add the binding to the reverse side.
I enjoyed making this although it left a trail of debris all around the house! Fibres seem to stick to everything!
It's too heavy for me to carry to Saturday's meeting so here is a photo instead.
See you soon - Happy Hooking - Jill