31 July 2013

Rugging workshops at Knitting & Stitching show

The show is 10-13 October at Alexandra Palace, London (info at theknittingandstitchingshow.com/london) - and a couple of rugging workshops are offered -

Proddy/Proggy - Upcycled Rag Rugging!
Jenni Stuart-Anderson
From the nineteenth century our forbears
used mill waste or old clothes to make
warm rugs for the bed and floor. Learn
how to push small fabric pieces through
hessian backing with half a clothes peg, like
granny used to, then use a ‘bodger’ rug tool
to achieve the same shaggy effect more quickly. You will be able to
use this traditional technique, Progging, to make rag rugs and other
projects of your own design later, at home. Granny called it Proddy,
now it’s called Upcycling! (Can be addictive. Suitable for any level
including children aged 7+

Rag Rugging
Make Do and Mend
You will learn how to make a fabulous rag rug using recycled and
vintage fabrics. You will learn the various techniques of this ancient
craft and come away with a sample, the knowledge and confidence
to get creating! This is a gorgeous way to brighten up your home with
your own handmade treasures. Suitable for any level.

More information is in the leaflet at http://www.theknittingandstitchingshow.com/london/files/ap_pdf_of_workshops.pdf

18 July 2013

Rag rugs in Morocco

They're called boucherouite and they're woven, rather than hooked - but it's that same thrifty spirit and love of making beautiful things at work. There's an article about them (with more photos) at http://handeyemagazine.com/content/mushmina.