12 April 2011

"Road" rug

Although the original area isn't finished - and I'm still looking for cream wool to cut up and use - I've bitten the bullet and added more "roads" on two sides, so that it ends up a respectable size. Hopefully there'll be a bit of progress before the next meeting!

10 April 2011

Hungry Fish Windy Day

Designed and hooked by Ruth Robinson
I seem to have a lot of sketches of fish with big heads and jaws.. not sure what that's about - but this was the result!

9 April 2011

April Meeting

Hooked rugs, jewellery, book covers and .... a hand-made Corgi! We are soooo versatile!

8 April 2011

'Hooked in London' Rug

Designed and hooked by Jill Izzard
Hi Folks At last my rug is finished, thanks to some wonderful weather which meant I was able to sit in my garden hooking today!
See you soon - Jill