12 January 2011

Progress so far

At the meeting I got advice of width of strip and type of backing to use. This is enlarged from a small photocopy and measures about 80 cm wide. A small amount was hooked at the meeting - the rest is the result of two nights' hooking while watching television (or rather, listening to it).

The design is based on tracings from A-Z maps of the routes we travel most often in the car. This version combines parts of several journeys - so it's a bit of a fantasy.


  1. You've certainly made a great deal of progress since Saturday's meeting. Your rug is looking good.

    The interpretation of your A-Z journeys is proving to be an interesting project indeed.

    Will the rug be finished by the time we next meet?!

  2. This is looking very interesting - it has a sort of abstract/primitive art quality!

  3. Margaret, I received my National Trust Magazine today. What has this to do with rug hooking I hear you ask?

    Well page 18 reveals an article about Britannia - An Illustration of the Kingodom of England (published 1675) and written in the form of 100 Strip Maps; section by section guides for The Traveller.

    It is now displayed at Belton House in Grantham, Lincs.

    This wonderful 'Atlas' made me think of your mapping techniques Margaret ...Jill