20 March 2011

Progress made so far....

Hi everyone - I expect you are all too busy 'hooking' to add any photos or messages to our Blog?

If this is the case then you can check out the progress I've made since our last meeting on my 'lettering project'. I am not finding it easy to create letters but fortunately I wanted a 'hooked effect' so its a great excuse to have lopsided lettering!

Today I spent the morning dyeing yet more stretchy fabric for this rug. Vests really are the best thing to hook through hessian. I did gain permission before I searched through His Lordship's Wardrobe!

Happy Hooking - Jill


  1. This looks fabulous, Jill! I love the colours and shapes and the "blogspot.com" going up the side! We should have this as a banner across the top of the blog!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Ruth.

    Whether the rug will be good enough to be 'our banner' remains to be seen!

    I enjoy shearing off the loops as I go along...you gave me this idea from your wonderful rugs.


  3. Love it Jill - what great progress you have made!