24 October 2013

Laszlo - The Weavers Lion

...another rug hooked by Deb Burcin - titled Laszlo and entered into an exhibition at The National Museum of the American  Coverlet in Pennsylvania, USA in 2012.

Deb explained  the design of the above rug was created by Barbara Carroll. Deb also told me the exhibition consisted of 150 hooked rugs which hung alongside all the antique 'Coverlets'.

Apparently Laszlo, a Lion design, was always woven into the corner of a coverlet by the weaver. In the other corners the name of the weaver and  owner/s.

Deb was honoured to be part of this amazing exhibition inspired by antique American Coverlets.



  1. Deb sent me a DVD of this amazing exhibtion....so many rugs and coverlets....good to see Deb's rug amongst the photos too...

  2. Hi, I am trying to find someone who can help point me in the right direction. My boyfriend's mother started making a rug in the 80's and has recently indicated that she would like to finish it but she can not remember the technique. She knows it involves wrapping wool around a dowel and then cutting it. Basically I am looking if I can contact someone who may be able to look at the rug as it currently is and teach her the technique again. Thank you in advance for any help.
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