14 February 2014


"Changing", size 14" x 20", is by new member Jeroo Roy. She started and finished it between meetings!

She says, "I am an artist and my medium has always been paint brushes and papers and canvas. But due to eye problem, further enhanced by effects of 'Stop Smoking' pills, I had not touched a paint brush for more then a year. But last September when I was in Canada, my friend Helen Dyer who now lives in New Brunswick, took me to Deanne Fitzpatrick’s shop in Nova Scotia and it was there it occurred to me and I can paint pictures through rug hooking."

Her website is www.jerooroy.com.


  1. Love your rug, Jeroo! The shapes work so well against that gorgeous background. And finished so quickly too - you've put us all to shame!

  2. Jeroo - I just love your beautiful rug - I was so sorry to have missed seeing it at the meeting on Saturday...maybe you'll bring it along another time Jill