4 April 2014

12 ways to recycle fabric into rugs

"Archipelago" is done in cross stitch, using t-shirt fabric
Re Rag Rug is an experimental design project that explores the social and environmental sustainability of the rug. The project started in August 2012 by Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans. In 12 months, they created 12 unique rugs using 12 different textile techniques. Their materials were old clothing and scraps from the textile industry — fabric that otherwise would have been discarded.
They used different types of rags in combination with a variety of textile techniques: sewing, crocheting, knitting, macramé, rolling, cutting, appliqué, embroidery, structure and relief effects, three dimensionality, color and dyeing techniques - and they also experimented with scales. This resulted in 12 new types and expressions of rugs.
"Aquarelle" uses old woolen sweaters and running stitch, rather like kantha technique
"Many of the rugs were made with craft techniques that didn’t require large spaces or machines and could therefore be manufactured as cottage industry in textile producing countries," they say. "Via this mode of production, using waste is environmentally sustainable while socially sustainable. At the same time, the production becomes a platform for developing crafts and creates jobs."
(info from handeyemagazine.com/content/re-rag-rug, photos from reragrug.blogspot.se, where you can see all the rugs ... none of which is hooked!)


  1. Hi, could i use water based poly on fabric covered drawers?? I know most use mod podge, but i dont like the uneven glossy appearance of it. Thanks

    When does a humble floor rug turn into a magnificent artwork? When it is a powerfully expressive piece created by Jan Kath or Michaela Schleypen – two award-winning designers whose bespoke work can be commissioned from Front London.

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