10 March 2015

My first hooked rugs....

Today was bright and sunny, my friend Jan called round to
talk about a rug she hopes to make for her daughter's new cottage.. I showed her the many rugs I had made over the past few years and she went home with lots of Rug books and a Heather Richie DVD. She was so happy and it was good for me to share my work with her.
Above  you can see the very first rugs I made.... I like to think I've improved the technique since I made these... Jill


  1. Jill, what an excellent start ... you don't mention how long ago these were made, though!

    I wish I had photos of my first hooked rugs - one left my life with my (ex)husband, the other went up in smoke in my parents' house fire in 1973. I do remember the excitement and satisfaction of making both of them!

    1. In comparison to your rugs Margaret....mine were all hooked more recently although I used to help my mother cut strips of fabric for her rug hooking during 1940's... The sunflower rug was hooked in 2009 just prior to the start of our Hooked-in-London rug group....see you soon :)