1 August 2016

July meeting

The weather wasn't totally sunny, but the sprinkle of rain soon passed. We sat in the garden with our projects and the time passed very pleasantly. Margaret took some photos of people hard at work -
Jeroo and Ruth

Lucille, Sandra, Joan

 Jeroo's project is coming along well - she uses yarn -
Margaret's "Jawlensky head" needs only a bit more yellow at one side -


  1. hi. I'm wondering if I could just get on your email? I live in the States, so I wouldn't be a real member, but I like to see what you folks are doing. Thank you. Vicki at seemyart@yahoo.com

  2. Vicky, you can subscribe to the blog via RSS feed or similar.

  3. Going to be in London Dec 5-14, so will miss your scheduled event on the 17th. Give my best to all. I enjoyed looking at the rugs on this site. Gene Shepherd