8 January 2013

Rag rugging in The Gambia

More photos of Gambian rugs and ruggers are at makings.co.uk, which is another source of rag rugging tools.

I found the site while looking for information on the "Browns tool" but that should be a separate post!


  1. Such joyous rugs...now I look forward to your post on 'Browns tool'.

  2. Lovely vibrant colours in those rugs, Margaret. I am not sure if this applies to the group in your photo, but Heather Ritchie set up the first RugAid project in The Gambia in 2007, and has visited since. She specifically chose to work with people with visual impairments and their families. Information can be found both on the RugAid site at www.rug-aid.org and also on her own website. www.rugmaker.co.uk/
    Her work in this field is also mentioned in 'Hooked Rug Storytelling: The Art of Heather Ritchie' by Leslie Mary Close.
    Re the 'Brown's Tool', I often wondered where the name came from. I recently bought a beautifully made one from Les, Heather's husband. Another name is Spring Hook or Bodger. I find prodding painful for my hands, but using my Bodger makes it far easier.