8 January 2013

The Brown's tool

The "Brown's tool" is also known as the Brown's rag rugger tool, or simply as the rag rugger tool (not to be confused with a hook or proddy...). In Yorkshire it's called a bodger.
Complete information on how to use the "Brown's tool" is on the Makings Handicrafts website - as well as basic technique, you learn a secret and get tips!

This family history web page has a photo of rag rug tools used in the 1940s/50s, one of which has the name Brown's and a patent number RD673864 and "made in England". That probably explains why the tool is known as the Brown's tool - Mr (or Ms) Brown invented and patented it.
The vintage tool has a different configuration of spring and lever; this one sold recently on ebay.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this - I bought an old sewing machine table and found one of these tools tucked in a drawer. I had no idea what it was until now - I thought it might be an awl for corsets. lol